high-tech smart contract analysis tool
high-tech smart contract analysis tool



metasleuth (metasleuth.io) { #trace }

Bytegraph - Smart-Contract Analysis (bytegraph.xyz) - Smart-Contract Analysis { #ethereum #trace }


🐦 view tweet (twitter.com) - Ledger just released a new update for Nano X that allows social recovery of your seed phrase. { #wallet #privacy }

Review and analysis of fake Trezor cryptowallet | Kaspersky official blog (kaspersky.com) - Full review of a fake cryptowallet incident. It looks and feels like a Trezor wallet, but puts all your crypto-investments into the hands of criminals. { #wallet #hack }

US Secret Service: blockchain is a money-tracking tool (coinpaper.com) | [💬 discussion] - The US Secret Service held an AMA session on Reddit’s cryptocurrency subreddit. The agency claims it can recover stolen crypto and advises using cash for privacy. { #privacy }

🐦 view tweet (twitter.com) - On 2023/05/20 at 07:25:11 UTC, Tornado Cash governance effectively ceased to exist. Through a malicious proposal, an attacker granted themselves 1,200,000 votes. As this is more than the ~700,000 legitimate votes, they now have full control. { #hack }

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