blockchain connecting the world within world within world
blockchain connecting the world within world within world


U.S. crypto exchange Coinbase secures Bermuda licence | Reuters ( | [💬 discussion] - Major U.S. crypto exchange Coinbase Global Inc has said it has secured a licence to operate in Bermuda, as part of a wider push to expand globally.

Transactions on Arbitrum Surpass Bitcoin — Along With Fees - Blockworks ( - Even as transactions accelerate, the cost to use the Arbitrum blockchain remains low

Borrowing Crypto With DeFi? TransUnion Shares Real-world Credit Scores - Blockworks ( - TransUnion is paying close attention to the crypto ecosystem, now connecting DeFi protocols with real-world credit scores

Texas ‘Proof of Reserves’ Bill Advances to Senate - Blockworks ( - The bill focuses on digital asset providers who have $10 million in customer funds or over 500 customers

Crypto VC Funding Down 82% Compared to Last Year - Decrypt ( - The evaporating funding means “a lot of companies are doing their down rounds,” said the founder of Delta Blockchain Fund.

Hong Kong Is Vying To Be The Next Crypto Hub - Decrypt ( - Hong Kong has historically provided fertile soil to grow financial institutions. Can it also make magic for crypto firms?

🐦 view tweet ( - Say hello to partially fillable limit orders from CoW Swap. Now enabled by default, partial fills bring faster trade settlement to limit orders – even in moments of low liquidity. 🏃💨

DeFi insurer Sherlock teeters on the edge after reserves fall 90% – DL News ( - Sherlock, a platform that insures the integrity of computer code powering DeFi protocols, is in dire straits. Over the last year, its reserves have fallen by 90%, to $3 million.

Subgraph hosted service launches as The Graph prepares for decentralization ( - The new service will make it easier for mid-tier or small-tier subgraphs to be indexed and discovered.

🐦 view tweet ( - 🕊️ @Free__Alexey IS FREE TO GO HOME 🕊️

🐦 view tweet ( - Use Enso now to navigate all of DeFi from a single dashboard with a single click!

🐦 view tweet ( - France launched a stablecoin on Ethereum and it’s the worst code I’ve ever seen

The European Parliament Has Voted for the EU’s Landmark MiCA Regulation and Anti-Money Laundering Transfer of Funds Rules ( - Lawmakers in the European Union on Thursday voted 517-38 in favor of a new crypto licensing regime, Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA), with 18 absentions, making it the first major jurisdiction in the world to introduce a comprehensive crypto law.


Fire - Web3 Safety Tool ( - Fire is a free browser extension that simulates web3 transactions, showing you exactly what will enter and exit your wallet before you sign the contract. All under control with your current wallet.

Venture Funding Events In Web3 · Web3 VC Data ( - The data is a mix of enterprise sources which have been licensed and founders sharing their data. The numbers go back to 2021. This is still a beta product. Originally inspired by Dove Metrics.

viem · TypeScript Interface for Ethereum ( - Build reliable apps & libraries with lightweight, composable, and type-safe modules that interface with Ethereum

GitHub - OffcierCia/On-Chain-Investigations-Tools-List: Here we discuss how one can investigate crypto hacks and security incidents, and collect all the possible tools and manuals! PRs are welcome! If any tool is missing - please open PR! ( - Here we discuss how one can investigate crypto hacks and security incidents, and collect all the possible tools and manuals! PRs are welcome! If any tool is missing - please open PR!


Sergey Nazarov on Why the World Needs a New Model of (Cryptographic) Trust ( - NLW is joined by Chainlink co-founder Sergey Nazarov for the first in “The Breakdown”’s “Paradigm Shift” interview series. Sergey discusses why society’s trust model has broken down, how cryptographic truth serves as an alternative, and why this alternative method of understanding truth will become even more important as a countermeasure to artificial intelligence.

What are Storage Proofs and how can they improve Oracles? | by StarkWare | Apr, 2023 | Medium ( - Storage proofs are a cryptographic way to track blockchain information so that it can be shared across chains. Similar to oracles, storage proofs provide proof that the information is true. However…

The Best Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade Massive Unlock Dashboard ( - Ethereum Shanghai Unlocks Dashboard from TokenUnlocks provides real-time updates on staked ETH withdrawals and validator insights for the hard fork.

🐦 view tweet ( - One downside of Smart Accounts is that transaction fees are higher. But how much more expensive are they really? I crunched the numbers and posted them to Stackup’s blog 🤓

🐦 view tweet ( - Introducing Opclave: An Op Stack chain that enables to turn iPhone’s into a hardware wallet with fully Account Abstraction support.

🐦 view tweet ( - $PEPE: Mysterious Whales

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